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Cardan Axis In São Paulo. Cardan Veríssimo specializes in Manufacturing, Remanufacturing, Maintenance, Alignment and Balancing.

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Frota de assistência e auto socorro em eixo cardan

Own fleet

We have own fleet for on-site assistance, delivery and transport of cardan shafts and all necessary parts for your repair.

Grande estoque de peças de reposição de eixo cardan

Parts inventory

Stock of spare parts. We have a complete grid of parts so we can better meet with quality and agility.

Estoque de Eixo cardan

Cardan shaft stock

Large stock of new and recovered cardan shaft to meet the customer immediately. We have the possibility to deliver a large number of cardans to the industries or resellers.

Fabricação, manutenção, restauração, eixo cardan

Manufacture and Restoration of Cardan Shafts

Fabricação, manutenção, Alinhamento e Balanceamento de eixo cardans
Cardan Verissímo was founded in 1998. Located in the city of São Paulo, it is the result of the enterprising spirit of José Augusto Verissimmo, who together with his son, José Luis Verissimmo, decided to build a specialized company that stood out mainly in the branch of cardan shafts to attend the automotive, agricultural and recently the naval sector.

Initially, winning the first challenges in the field of road transportation, with determination and ethics, we expanded our business based on the excellence of our products and services, and today, in our own headquarters, we serve in the industrial yard: trucks, buses and micro buses, pick up tractors and agricultural machinery from all regions of Brazil.

Always committed to our customers, we are constantly updating ourselves to meet with quality and agility. 

Today Cardan Verissimo is a renowned company in São Paulo in the manufacture and restoration of cardan shaft and in the Alignment and Balancing of Cardans. 

We thank everyone for their collaboration in our development and growth, and we will continue in this partnership of achievements and hard work. because you are part of our story.

Empresa especialista em Eixo cardan, manutenção e fabricação

Cardan Veríssimo Headquarters – Address: Av. Ragueb Chohfi, 1111b – Jardim Três Marias, São Paulo – SP, Brazil – Specialists in Cardã

Cardan Verissimo

Cardan Verissímo